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With over 20 years experience, I can design and deliver training, executive coaching or facilitation services, face to face or online,  for you or your team, that will be engaging, interactive and impactful, helping you to be more focused and directed towards your personal or business goals.

Niall Heenan Resiliance Training

Continuous Improvement


I believe that training programmes should be interactive, engaging and combine a blend of expert input with the opportunity for participants to adapt the learning to suit their own specific environments and roles.  As a trainer I bring energy into the training environment and ecourage participants to take part fully and to explore real life issues and topics. Training can be delivered face to face in conventional learning spaces or online via Zoom.  Participants have commented on how effectively I can create an interactive and participatory online training experience and I firmly believe that virtual training can be as good as in person.

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The Best Version Of You

Professional Coaching

A coach is someone who you need to trust so that you, the client, can explore the topics and situations that you wish to work on.  Coaching is based on helping the client identify the issues in their personal or work life that they need to deal with and to then create an action plan to move forward on this.  As an award winning coach I bring my extensive experience and training as a professional coach plus my ability to create an empathetic relationship with the client that is challenging yet supportive.

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Niall Heenan Profile
Team Facilitation Niall Heenan

The Best Version Of Your Team


As a Facilitator my role is to encourage the client group or team to explore the key issues facing them and to structure a method of engagement with them that creates an opportunity for all voices and interests to be heard.  When working in this role my responsibilty is to act as a ‘gate-keeper’ to the conversation, ensuring equity, managing the relationships, refecting back the learning and focusing the group on the task.  Client organisations value the benefit of having an independent person in this role as it allows questions to be asked in a safe and inclusive manner that otherwise might not be voiced.

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