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As a trained, award winning professional coach, I work with professionals who wish to increase their capacity and  effectiveness as Leaders and Managers,  clients experiencing Career Change and Transition as well as clients preparing for interview and job selection, focusing on the areas of personal strengths, body language and impact.  I am often asked ‘What is the difference between Mentoring and Coaching?’ and I explain it as; Mentors give you answers, while a Coach will question your answers!

My approach and style to enables clients to make effective decisions in their work or personal lives. Effective decisions are made when one has increased clarity and a deep understanding around all the factors that will influence that decision.  Coaching can be a hugely useful and valuable approach because the ‘thinking’, ‘decisions’ and ‘doings’ are all the work of the client and the client only does what they feel is needed and appropriate to them at that particular time in their life.  

As your coach, my intention is to  create a trust between both of us which will allows you to work on deep and sensitive issues. Observers and clients have described this as being an ‘emotionally intelligent’ coach. Clients have described my work with them as empowering, grounding, creative and compassionate.  Statements such as ‘unblocking inner obstacles, ‘nurturing’ and ‘encouraging’ are some of the their words used to describe the impact the experienced.

I use creative methodologies to explore thinking and beliefs and approach clients with the steadfast belief that they are capable and resourceful people with the ability to obtain clarity

In December 2015 I was awarded ‘Career Coach of the Year’ at the ICF Irish Chapter Coaching Awards for my work with clients on the LIT/SECAD Time to Change Programme

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