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As a facilitator I am regularly asked to facilitate strategic reviews, staff review days, team development events etc  where my role is to enable the participants to focus on key strategic issues facing the organisation and to plan for future actions. My style of facilitation is to enable clients to ask the ‘tough’ questions of themselves in a manner which allows for strong team building and designing of actions to progress the organisation to a achieve its key goals.


As a facilitator I act as the ‘gatekeeper’ in the conversations that occur and work to ensure that the topics are addressed openly and fairly.  My role is to harness the energy of the participants, help create connections and consensus and ensure that ideas and suggestions are progressed.  The skills I use in this process include listening, questioning, supporting, awareness of individual needs, conflict management and empathy.  My experience as a facilitator, coupled with my deep coaching skills has resulted in an ability to design and deliver really impactful group and team events.

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