In choosing to work with Niall was one of the wisest, most empowering decisions I have ever made.  From our initial phone call Niall offered a supportive reflective strength that established a manner of working which ensured I was able to move forward in a way that I was secure with.

Niall was confident and comfortable to allow me set the pace regarding what I wanted to achieve within the coaching sessions.  Niall was confident in using creative mediums such as art and movement—processes of work that I felt comfortable with—allowing me to see my process as well as discussing it as it unfolded.  Niall’s ability to “hold” my sense of “not knowing” what direction my personal and professional life was going offered me the freedom to safely explore as many possibilities as I wanted safe in the knowledge that what I came in with would not be damaged or broken further but that the hope of change would be created in the meeting.  Niall’s skill of allowing the client set the pace, set the agenda and explore their own world, while ensuring that the path you need to follow is not lost as he guides you through the process of growth and change truly nurtures a person to reach their full potential.

… a little over a year has passed and I have rediscovered what it means to be me.  (I have)  renewed the confidence I had lost and highlighted the path I knew in my heart that I wanted to follow. This path is even better than I had thought possible.  I now know what I am doing with me life.  I have a strong sense of direction. I am proud of the work that I do and I am confident in who I am as a person