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  • It was an absolute privilege working with Niall he is extremely knowledgeable, and asked great questions that always got me to come up with the answer I needed to take next step. In addition to his professionalism and insightfulness, he is an incredibly compassionate person who cares about the well-being and success of his clients he listens carefully and provides the tools you need to grow and make successful decisions.  Niall helped me to focus and prioritise allowing me to be better able to look at problems in different ways and find the right solutions. I am a better leader today because of the coaching I received from Niall. I began working with Niall at a time I was very unhappy in my career & role & he gave me the Insights, great questions and gentle prodding that helped me to avoid some potentially sticky political situations with my peers & come to the realisation that I could change things for the better for me.

    Emma Hargreaves
    Next Generation, Head of Sales & Marketing Recruitment
  • In choosing to work with Niall was one of the wisest, most empowering decisions I have ever made.  From our initial phone call Niall offered a supportive reflective strength that established a manner of working which ensured I was able to move forward in a way that I was secure with.

    Niall was confident and comfortable to allow me set the pace regarding what I wanted to achieve within the coaching sessions.  Niall was confident in using creative mediums such as art and movement—processes of work that I felt comfortable with—allowing me to see my process as well as discussing it as it unfolded.  Niall’s ability to “hold” my sense of “not knowing” what direction my personal and professional life was going offered me the freedom to safely explore as many possibilities as I wanted safe in the knowledge that what I came in with would not be damaged or broken further but that the hope of change would be created in the meeting.  Niall’s skill of allowing the client set the pace, set the agenda and explore their own world, while ensuring that the path you need to follow is not lost as he guides you through the process of growth and change truly nurtures a person to reach their full potential.

    … a little over a year has passed and I have rediscovered what it means to be me.  (I have)  renewed the confidence I had lost and highlighted the path I knew in my heart that I wanted to follow. This path is even better than I had thought possible.  I now know what I am doing with me life.  I have a strong sense of direction. I am proud of the work that I do and I am confident in who I am as a person

    Emer Meighan
    Disabilities NGO, Programme Manager
  • I decided to work with Niall for a full day and it was one of the best decisions I have made for myself and the business in seven years. Niall is … a master at nurturing, encouraging and expecting you to direct and lead the agenda. The result of this “Pure” Coaching approach was that I experienced profound learning’s and insights, crystalised intentionality around my business purpose and goals, unblocked inner obstacles, built up my own internal resources and had fun doing all of that too.

    Another unique facet of Niall’s work is the dimension of landscape and environment that he brings in to his work through the opportunity to be coached at the rural location he has created in Tipperary. We worked together in nature at various intervals throughout the day, and the tranquil and beautiful setting added a cathartic and transformative quality to the work.

    Nadine McCarthy
    Nadine McCarthy, Leadership Development & Executive Coach
  • After the sale of my business I realized I needed career coaching to re-establish my entrepreneurial spirit and get me headed back on a clear path again.  I knew I wanted a calm setting far away from the stress and daily pressures of Germany including an English speaking coach who would listen emphatically and make me find my own answers. And in my search I discovered Niall Heenan in Terryglass, Ireland who filled all of these criteria. I stayed in one of his cottages and he coached me on my business ideas while I continued my writing and walked through the rural countryside.

    Niall’s approach is “ non- invasive” – meaning, he allowed me to choose my own topic, set my own pace and discover my own answers. He guides; he doesn’t direct and that is what made our sessions so productive. Taking responsibility for one’s life and career was the basis of our work together and his use of creative art as non-verbal expression was especially useful for my awareness. Although our time together was limited, I made noticeable progress in my development.

    Since I was in Ireland a my new theatre consulting business has taken me to Italy, Austria, America and China.

    Kim Moke
    Stage Consult Ltd.
  • Niall Heenan’s involvement in the Science Foundation Ireland funded Gender Audit was to set up and facilitate focus groups consisting of researchers and academics, including those at senior level, and to work with other researchers on the project to integrate outcomes into a final report.  We were delighted to have Niall on our team as he approached this task with professionalism and enthusiasm and ensured that views were represented accurately in the reporting phase.

    Dr. Ita Richardson
    Irish Software Engineering Research Centre University of Limerick, Senior Lecturer, Department of Computer Science and Information Systems and Lero
  • Niall Heenan has facilitated ‘Review Days‘ and ‘Strategic Planning Days ‘ for Mayo CCC on several occasions. The reasons Mayo CCC have continued to ask Niall to work with us is because Niall has a very effective yet enjoyable way of working. At our planning or review days we get through difficult decisions, and topics through different exercises and procedures that Niall leads us through. Niall leaves time for people to say their piece, but also balances this with getting decisions made. We don’t spend all day talking around difficult issues. Also, Niall has a very gentle way of helping us reflect on our own work, as individuals and as an organization, so we are not allowed the luxury to criticise and blame all our woes on ‘others’, rather Niall helps us identify the issues and challenges us to decide what we can and will do to address them. At Mayo CCC we like to call Niall our ‘Critical Friend’. To us it sums up what he does for us, he provides a very friendly humorous and energy giving service which also and most importantly helps us to be more effective by examining our own practice.

    Jim Power
    Coordinator, Mayo County Childcare Committee