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Working online

It’s interesting how we have ‘settled’ into a new way of working and living over the last few months and this post represents some of my key ‘takeaways’ from this time.  As many of you will know, I find it useful to process my thinking and learning via visual images and drawing.

Online training delivery is great however you need good tech and good planning. My second monitor is essential and goes to show how a small investment can make life so much easier.

I need my Zoom shirt and I also need to energize myself with my star jumps before a session! Good headphones help one to hear the little things that we might otherwise overlook.

It’s important to leave the home office at an agreed time and to take time to process ones learning at the end of the day or week. The ending of a group training session used to be a time to chat and check in with participants however people now ‘disappear’ off screen in an instant so I use doodles to visually capture my thoughts and I also journal.

A dedicated ‘to do’ list is always on my desk and helps provide structure. This also serves as an ‘ideas bank’ and colours help me ‘see’ better.

Fundamental is our need to keep hydrated and to have those glasses on water at hand!